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Hello and welcome to my home and family of felines. My name is Joanne Greentree and in 1982 and my prefix “Jaygee” is registered with Cats NSW Inc. My cattery is located in a rural area of historic Hawkesbury, New South Wales, Australia.

As my cattery is not large my cats receive a lot of love and attention with the emphasis on improving the breed, health and good temperament. As I live on acreage my cats also get to enjoy the benefit of the great outdoors.

When I first became interested in purebred cats and the fancy, my chosen breed was persians in silver. Several years ago it was with great pleasure that I discovered the Exotic, which is a shorthaired version of their sister breed, Persians. While bred to the Persian standard, they have short, plush coats that give you the overall look of a little teddy bear with a wonderful personality, which is both sweet and loving. The Exotic also has the wonderful characteristics of the Perisan, wrapped in a short, plush, easy-care coat and are often called the Lazy Man’s Persian. To bring my dreams full circle, I am now breeding and showing exotics.

I have been an approved steward since 1986 and am a keen exhibitor at shows and believe this is essential to ensure my breeding program is travelling in the correct direction. 

My thanks to the people who have assisted me with my breeding program like Willangi and Wangalo Catteries and more recently Frederic Gaspard of D’Eden Lover Cattery in France.

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Joanne Greentree
Sydney Australia
Phone: 0409 123906






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